King's Circle Residences

Belgrade Will Never be the Same Again

King’s Circle Residences represents a unique vision of a residential-commercial building that combines the spirit of New York, London and Paris. 

For all of those who value luxury, comfort and practicality, King’s Circle Residences will become a home. 200 attractive apartments in four buildings are designed to provide a modern and sophisticated way of living, offering the possibility of interior personalization.

Premium materials and high standards guarantee a quality and luxurious living. 

    King's Circle Residences

    More than an Architectural Masterpiece

    King’s Circle is more than an architectural masterpiece, it is a bridge between the past and the future. It brings style and cosmopolitan spirit to the heart of our capital.

    The building facade is filled with attractive elements that will attract the attention of passers-by.  Asymmetrical pillars, rich frames and colorful POP Art details will contribute to exceptional visual appeal. 

    King’s Circle Residences will be more than a usual residential-commercial building. It will offer various living possibilities in one place and the project will include shops, restaurants, offices, SPA center and a children’s playroom.

      King's Circle Residences

      A place for the chosen

      King’s Circle Residences is located on an attractive and historically significant location between Slavija Square and Manjež Park. In the mid-19th century, this part of Belgrade played an important role in the formation of the city’s urban feel. 

      The King’s Circle Residences will restore the spirit of this time, but in a more modern and luxurious way. 

      The bustle of the capital and the proximity of the main business and tourist hubs make this location extremely desirable for life and work. 

      King’s Circle Residences offers a calm and safe space inside the dynamic city, where its tenants will be able to enjoy all the benefits of urban modern living. 

        Manjež Park

        Belgrade Waterfont

        Gymnasium ``Sveti Sava``

        Square Slavija

        The Temple of Saint Sava


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