Luxury concept Maison Royale now also includes the most famous Premium location.

21 Kosančićev venac is quite unique and most exclusive. After Royale Residence Spa in Vračar, we are now building Royale Art Residence & Spa in the most beautiful site in Belgrade.

Kosančićev venac is to Belgrade what Montmartre is to Paris. The soul of the old artistic Belgrade will add a touch to our luxurious facility with spa center, gym, and swimming pool. Our future property holders will be able to enjoy the features consistent with a highly comfortable living, including garages at substructure level -1.

Nested in this charming neighborhood, which is the heart of old Belgrade, our prestigious building will also have accompanying facilities such as a SPA center, swimming pool, gym (substructure level -2). Like many of our buildings, this one will have the charm of Paris, the facade will be of hewn stone with large French balconies and other types of spacious balconies, oriented to the sunny southwest side.

The balconies are decorated with planters with attractive flowers, which have a drip irrigation system and all this with a beautiful view of the city and the river.

This will be another building constructed by our company that the Belgraders will be proud of.


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